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Urban Exhibition

UneARThed are our Urban Exhibition feature for February 2021


Raine Square is proud to showcase photographer, Brendan Cecich in the Urban Exhibition for the month of April. 


Brendan is a 20 year old portrait and live music photographer from Perth, Western Australia. Brendan grew up in the hills and found his love for photography in 2014 in high school. Since graduating, Brendan started his studies at Curtin University and  became more involved in the photography industry.

Following his love of music as well, he decided to combine the pair and create his passion for live music and artist photography. From here, Brendan started to build industry contacts with artists, event managers and more. Since January 2019 to date he's photographed more than 70+ of Australia's, and the world’s biggest artists.

Contact Brendan - 

Instagram: @brendancphoto
Facebook: @brendancphoto

Visit the Windows of Wentworth on William Street to see the wonderful exhibition. 

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