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Urban Exhibition

Seantelle Walsh is our Urban Exhibition feature artist for November


In honour of NAIDOC Week. Raine Square is proud to showcase the incredible work of contemporary Noongar Artist - Seantelle Walsh (Kardy Kreations) in the Urban Exhibition from November 7- November 19. 

About The Artist

Seantelle Walsh is a young contemporary Noongar Artist, born and raised in Perth (Whadjuk country). She has worked across the Western Australian community under her trade name Kardy Kreations. She delivers painting workshops to various schools and organisations, encouraging cultural diversity with a contemporary perspective on Aboriginal Art and Culture.

Her mother’s paternal heritage has connection to the Perenjori Balardong area and her mother’s maternal ancestry connects with the Wilman Tribe from Gnaala Kala Boodja region. Seantelle identifies strongly with her culture and proudly displays connection through her work. Being the eldest of six children, she shares a strong sense of family and community.

Seantelle creates bespoke and commissioned pieces, both digitally and with acrylic paint on canvas or natural materials. Seantelle creates by drawing inspiration from what she sees and feels around her through her spirituality and what connects her back to Boodja (country).

Using art as the platform for storytelling, Seantelle has successfully completed many youth based projects. She strives to encourage her workshop participants to creatively express themselves and their individual identity. Her workshops are designed to provide an opportunity for participants to build their confidence through art whilst still being able to connect to community and culture.

Contact the artist

Visit the Windows of Wentworth on William Street to view her incredible art. 


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