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ReCharge your Mind

Explore our wellness library of yoga, meditation and stretch classes.


Raine Square is introducing ReCharge with Raine Square a series of premium wellbeing activities designed to improve your everyday.

Whether you need motivation, recuperation, guidance or simply convenience, these activities are designed to help you ReCharge in the comfort of your own home. Weather it's mindfulness or fitness you're into ReCharge has options for everyone.

ReCharge your Mind

Delivered by the world's best instructors in inspiring and unique locations, your wellness library has a wide collection of low intensity exercise classes such as Yoga, Stretch and Meditation.


Our Meditation collection is designed to help free the mind of unwanted stress through easy to follow guided meditation practices.

5 Min Beginners Mediation with Angela
A grounding and relaxing meditation that can be practised anywhere, inviting you to be present, pause and reset the direction of your day with greater awareness, strength and ease. Practice this meditation standing at anytime of the day, anywhere - when you just roll out of bed, standing in a lift, at the bus stop or in a park. Anytime you want to pause, be still and reset your day.
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10 Min Mediation with Deb
In this short meditation you will learn to bring your attention to the sensation of the breath as it moves in and out of the body. This meditation is perfect for beginners.
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10 Min Meditation with Morgan
The first step of any journey is always the hardest. Learn how to establish a good staring point for meditation. This is especially good for those who feel anxious or frustrated closing their eyes and sitting still.
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The Yoga collection releases tension from the body through styles such as; yoga flow, yin yoga and yoga for desk sitters.

10 Min Yoga with Morgan
This short class will demonstrate easy and relaxing lower back releasing poses with a safe core stabiliser.
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10 Min Yoga Strength with Gypsy
Gypsy teaches you the breath and foundations to internally tone and center your core with deep, powerful strength.
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20 min Yoga Flow with Claire
Join Claire in this great morning routine with some traditional and doable Yoga postures, to mobilise the joints and set your posture for the day.
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Our Strength collection offers workouts to develop strength and stability throughout your whole body or zone in on a specific muscle group to work on.

5 min Back & Hamstring Stretch with Chantal
Chantal leads an essential 5 minute stretch session focusing on your back and hamstrings. These stretches are important for overall health and well being.
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10 min back stretch with with Claire
This stretch with Claire is designed to release stress and tension through the lower back.
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10 min stretch for Desk Sitters with Mitch
Join Mitch in this session as she explores wrist stretches and mobility designed for those 'desk sitters' who are affected by hours behind a computer.
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20 min Lower Body Stretch with Gypsy
In this session Gypsy aims to help Ease tight hips and hamstrings to create more comfort in your whole body.
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