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ReCharge your Fitness

ReCharge your fitness with out range of workouts.


Raine Square is introducing ReCharge with Raine Square a series of premium wellbeing activities designed to improve your everyday.

Whether you need motivation, recuperation, guidance or simply convenience, these activities are designed to help you ReCharge in the comfort of your own home. Weather it's mindfulness or fitness you're into ReCharge has options for everyone.

ReCharge your Fitness

We have partnered with Rawson Kirkhope, owner of Major Fitness, who specialises in strength and conditioning style workouts. 

With a military background, Rawson’s incorporation of skills learnt in the navy, partnered with principles of CrossFit, form his own unique style of Personal Training. 

With new videos uploaded regularly, train with Rawson and ensure you remain active throughout your work week. 

Choose from beginner to advanced levels of intensity, strength and conditioning. Choose your own time slot and sets, challenge yourself and use this time to push.

Click here to see the full range of videos from Rawson!