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Artist Collaboration: 'Myassar'

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03.05.2021 AT 12:00 AM - 31.07.2021 AT 1:00 AM U

A creative collaboration - discover the artist and inspiration behind the Urban Upcycle initiative. 
In our support of the Urban Upcycle campaign's objective and honouring our work with local communities, specifically in culture and the arts, we are proud to introduce our collaboration with local artist, 'Myassar'.

We engaged 'Myassar' through UneARThed, a social enterprise that aims to reduce stigma around homelessness in Perth. 'Myassar', who has previously experienced homelessness, is a part of the UneARThed collective profiling his art.

'Myassar' has been practising for over 20 years. He seeks to strike emotion and curiosity within every aspect of his art, constantly redefining and refining his skills to further himself as an artist. He strives to create each piece with a completely unique approach. Oftentimes, these reveal emotions of his subconscious mind and evoke dream-like visualisations which truly speak to the souls of certain individuals. 

We felt 'Myassar' was the perfect person to inject sentiment and spirit into the Urban Upcycle campaign. 'Myassar' was commissioned by Raine Square to create a completely imaginative piece for the campaign that would inspire our commercial and digital designs. 

"I've thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to stretch my creativity and try new things as well as be a part of an initiative that I so strongly believe in and want to support," said  Myassar.

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