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Artist Collaboration: Jessica Swan

Event Date

23.02.2021 - 26.03.2021

A creative collaboration - discover the artist and inspiration behind the Sorbet Social creative!

In our support of working with local communities, specifically in culture and the arts, we are proud to introduce our collaboration with local female artist, Jessica Swan.

Jessica is a self-taught abstract artist based in Perth, Western Australia. Known for her vibrant, colourful acrylic and mixed media paintings created in her purpose built studio in the heart of her home. With an aesthetic eye for colour and curious nature, Jessica is continuously driven to develop and evolve her artistic learning's through paint play and experimentation - bright, intuitive, free flowing and with little pre-planned outcome of the finished composition. Getting lost in this creative process allows the layers and colour relationships to direct individual compositions organically, giving each piece an aesthetically pleasing quality. The inspiration for her art usually comes from within, like a diary expressing her moods. Each painting begins with a colour obsession, a dream or constant thought and evolves onto the canvas. 

It is for these reasons that we felt Jessica was the perfect person to inject colour and culture into our sorbet social campaign. We commissioned Jessica to create a completely unique, imaginative and colourful piece for the campaign that would inspire our digital designs and event space.

Jessica painted the life-size icy poles live in Raine Lane so onlookers could see the creativity come to life! The icey poles will be a part of our Sorbet Social event in Raine Laine, making the perfect summer city Instagram photo opp! 

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Raine Square on this fun, summer lovin' campaign! I have thoroughly enjoyed the creative process of this project which has been designed to inject a bright burst of joy into our CBD. I'm a Perth girl through and through and I think it's wonderful Raine Square are giving a local artist like myself the opportunity to showcase my designs for the ‘Social Sorbet’ activation” 

Get in touch with Jessica -
Instagram: @jessswan_art 
Facebook: @jessswanart