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Artist Collaboration: Cass Jones

Event Date

23.02.2021 - 26.03.2021

A creative collaboration - discover the artist and inspiration behind the 120 years of Attraction creative design. 

In our support of working with local communities, specifically in culture and the arts, we are proud to introduce our collaboration with local female artist, Cass Jones. 

Cass is a contemporary abstract artist who works from her studio in Perth. Cass is inspired by vibrant colours and mixed textures which inform her wonderfully unique creations. Cass specialises in layering with her works containing dozens of textured layers which she paints freely from intuition. 

We felt Cass was the perfect person to inject colour and culture into the exhibition. We commissioned Cass to create a completely imaginative piece for the campaign that would then inspire our commercial and digital designs. 

“As a local artist, this really is such a fantastic opportunity to be seen by the wider Perth community and to be involved in a project that introduced me to a new creative scope and encouraged me to push beyond my boundaries" said Cass. 

Get in touch with Cass -
Instagram: @cass.jones_
Facebook: @cassjonesartist