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Event Date

27.05.2024 - 14.07.2024

To celebrate National Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week 2024, Raine Square will proudly host Maar Koodjal, seven immersive weeks of First Nations art and interactive cultural experiences from Monday 27 May until Sunday 14 July. 

Maar Koodjal, Noongar for the number seven, will see Raine Square collaborate with local mob to take the local community on an engaging journey through the history and practice of First Nations art and culture. The extensive calendar of experiences across the campaign features weaving workshops, fashion showcases, visual art and digital exhibitions, musical performances, storytelling sessions and a pop-up market which will take centre stage in Boorloo (Perth) city. 

The seven-week series will be framed by two important times to learn about First Nations histories, cultures and achievements: National Reconciliation Week (Monday 27 May – Monday 3 June) and NAIDOC Week (Sunday 7 July – Sunday 14 July). The themes for the events in 2024, "Now More Than Ever" and "Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud, and Proud," underscore our collective responsibility to honour the resilience and vibrancy of First Nations culture and work towards reconciliation in our nation.

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Artist in Residence 

πŸ“ T.12, Raine Square (next to Bankwest Place Tunnel)

πŸ“… 28 May to Saturday 13 July

πŸ“… Every Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday

πŸ•› 11am - 2pm

Market Dates

🎁  Tuesday 28 May & 9 July

Connect with local artists from the Whadjuk Collective, and learn how to weave, take part in the community tapestry, create a worry doll or shop the First Nations market.

Learn about the Artists:

Julianne Wade | A Whadjuk/Tainui. A visual artist who remains connected to her culture through painting, family and community.

Sandra Egan | A Whadjuk Noongar Elder, who is stolen generation from New Norcia. Passionate about teaching others how to weave. She is also a storyteller and painter, taking inspiring from places that she has been to. 

Linda "Polly" Wilson | A Gamilaoi Weilwan. Polly paints to deeped her connection to culture and to release thoughts that words cannot express. 

Indoor / Outdoor Gallery 

πŸ“ Bankwest Place & Raine Lane 

πŸ“… Monday 27 May to Sunday 14 July

Live Art 

πŸ“… Tuesday 4, 11 & 18 June, 10am-2pm

πŸ“… Wednesday 5 June, 10am-2pm

πŸ“… Thursday 13 June, 10am-2pm

πŸ“… Thursday 20 June, 10am-5pm

View artworks throughout the seven weeks in the Bankwest Place Lobby Gallery. Or join us for Live Art Pavement Painting in Raine Lane. 

Learn about the Blank Walls Live Art Artists: 

Jade Dolman | A Whadjuk/Balladong Nyoongar, and Eastern Arrernte. A visual artist and remains connected to her culture through painting and family. 

Jarni McGuire | A Whadjuk, Ballardong and Yuat woman.  Inspired by her culture, using my language and listening to her mob, hearing their stories, asking questions and following Noongar protocol.

Celeste Haji-Ali | A young Yawuru woman based in Boorloo. β€œI have been painting since I was young, as my father was an artist, so he has been a big influence on my art. I like to paint things that remind me of the Kimberley.”

Renee Clifton | A Kimberely ArtistThe natural environment such as waterholes, bush fruits, animals and song lines inspire her works.

Spin to Learn

πŸ“ Bankwest Place Tunnel 

πŸ“… Monday 27 May to Friday 12 July

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Learn the native names of Australian flora and fauna and about the Community Arts Network. 

The illustrations, coordinated by arts practitioners Natalie Scholtz, Elly Jones and Sandy McKendrick, were created by 38 First Nations artists from the Walyalup area.

The Artists: Betty Jane Garlett, Christine Reich, Trevor Walley, Jennifer Garlett, Noel Morich, Freda Ogilvie, Narelle Ogilvie, Sacha Ogilvie, Cherith Dinah, Leah Dinah, Teakiya Dinah, Sharon Kenney, Paige Kenney, Farley Garlett, Gerrard Shaw, Fred Penny, Kay Walley, Rachael Zani, Steven Garlett, Sharon Calgaret, Turid Calgaret, Lesley Garlett, Chelsey Thomson, Mark Spicer, Angelina Mary Sibosado, Valencia Riley, and Geri Hayden.

The Community Arts Network’s vision is to build intercultural understanding and collaboration in the arts, producing work that is truly reflective of Australia’s diverse cultures and communities.

Image: Geri Hayden, Place Names Walyalup project // Credit Cole Baxter

Live & Loud

πŸ“ Raine Square, Ground Floor

πŸ“… Tuesday 28 May & Tuesday 9 July

πŸ•› 12:30pm - 1:30pm

Join us for musical stylings from Lilly Gogos. An award winning singer songwriter Lilly performs acoustic renditions of originals and covers.

Lilly’s sound is a mix of Gospel, soul, country and blues.She studied music in Brisbane and Perth and gained industry recognition, when she won Best Aboriginal/TSI song at the 2003 MUSICOZ Awards.

Love Lilly? See her on tour, with Award winning band The Yabu Band. 

'What is an Elder?

πŸ“ Raine Square, Ground Floor

πŸ“… Monday 27 May to Sunday 14 July

πŸ“š Read online 

An exclusive preview of Writing WA's 'What is an Elder?' prior to the hard-copy launch.


'What is an Elder?' is a collection of interviews collated and edited by Dr Marion Kickett (image) in partnership with WritingWA. The Short Story Machine will showcase stories from; Leon Wynne, Diann Peate, Deanne Lewis, George Walley, Heather Carter Sullivan and Dr Marion Kickett. 

The Short Story interactive machine will dispense stories at random with a press of the button.

First Nation Stories 

πŸ“ Raine Square, Ground Floor

πŸ“… Monday 27 May to Sunday 14 July

πŸ“š Read online 

Explore a collection of Micro Memoirs from 8 First Nations Authors from Night Parrot Press. 


Read Stories from: Kyeesha Bonney, Amber Ugle-Hayward, Sabrina Dudgeon Swift, Cindy Solonec, Mabel Gibson, Caroline-Iris Nutter, Angel Hayward, and Biondi Saville. 

The Short Story interactive machine will dispense stories at random with a press of the button.

Designer Showcase

πŸ“ Bankwest Place Lobby 

πŸ“… Monday 27 May to Friday 12 July

Join us in honoring First Nations Fashion with Perth local luxury resort wear, and accessories designer, Kirrikin,

"Kirrikin" is an Indigenous word, roughly translating to "Sunday's best clothes."  

This word was part of the original language recorded by missionaries in the Hunter Valley during the early 1820s and has become a symbol of our commitment to Wonnarua language revitalisation.

Kirrikin is the meeting place for luxury clothing, accessories and contemporary Indigenous Australian art.

View stunning artworks on handcrafted and sustainable fabrics, bringing together the beauty of art and fashion, in a static capsule installation.

Blak, Loud & Proud

πŸ“ Bankwest Place, Mezz

🎞 Mezzanine Digital Screen  

πŸ“… Monday 8 July to Friday 12 July


πŸ“ Raine Square, Ground Floor

🎀 Wednesday 10 July, 12pm

The Aboriginal Arts department at Edmund Rice Centre WA, in partnership with Whitelion Youth by Kids  First Australia, launched the Koomba Koolangka (Big Kids) program.

This initiative involved weekly workshops led by Jaydan Ahmat (Zero Emcee) and Byron Guap, focusing on music and empowerment.

Together they have created a song that highlights the importance of community engagement and encourages First Nation youth to pursue their dreams while respecting their culture and land. The lyrics of the song, written by the participants, convey a powerful message of empowerment and cultural pride. 


πŸ“ Wentworth Building, Lobby

πŸ“… Monday 27 May to Friday 7 June

This installation was created by sourced preloved office furniture to create an inspiring art piece, creating unity between culture and office. The perfect symbol of work-life-balance.

This piece will go on tour to 225 St Georges Terrace, 303 Sevenoaks, Djookanup and Optima B, following its residency. 

Meet the artists from the Whadjuk Collective in the Artist in Residence activatioon to learn more about how this was created. 

Gnamma (Waterholes)

πŸ“ Bankwest Place, Mezz

🎞 Mezzanine Digital Screen 

πŸ“… Monday 27 May to Friday 7 July 

This artwork by Jarni McGuire, a Whadjuk, Ballardong and Yuat visual artist, talks about the landscape of Boorloo (Perth) prior to settlement. 

This part of boodja (country) was home to many lakes and was a common meeting grounds for trade and ceremonies. All the wonderful foods, flavours and seasons all based around these lakes which homed many native flora and fauna.

An Evolution of Storytelling...

πŸ“ Raine Square, Lower Ground 

In 2021 we collaboartated with local artist, Rosie Paine, to hand paint six totem poles symbolising the six different seasons. The totems formed an art trail displaying through the precinct. In 2022 we learned how the six Noongar seasons 


guided food gathering, distributing recipe cards inspired by native ingredients that aligned with each season.

We were proud to collaborate with local Whadjuk Ballardong Noongar and Badimaya Yamatji man, Jayden Boundry, for cultural guidance and Whadjuk, Ballardong and Yuat artist  Jarni McGuire